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A few things to bring to your attention...

I just want to bring to your attention four things for the coming weeks ahead:

VOLUNTEER STEWARDS AT ST PATRICK’S: The good news is that many of our volunteer stewards who assist at the Wednesday morning Mass are now returning to work as their furlough comes to an end, the bad news for us is that we will soon be short of volunteer stewards for this particular Mass. If you are able to volunteer and are not in the vulnerable category please do let us know via the parish office or speak to Irene Chapman.

SOCIALLY DISTANCED SOCIAL AT ANNUNCIATION: Last Sunday we were planning to have a socially distanced social after the outside Mass in Netley, unfortunately the weather did not play ball, though we did have mass in the rain which was very well attended and people sat under their umbrellas and raincoats, a resilient lot in Netley! So we have decided to put two more socially distanced socials in the calendar for Sunday 30th August and Sunday 13th September. Please make a note and let us know if you want to come to those Masses and the social afterwards.

SEPTEMBER MASS BOOKINGS: I am hoping to go live today or in the coming days with the new online booking system for September Masses which will be operated via the Parish Website. This should cut down the time Marion and I spend sorting out Mass bookings each week. It will be a trial for September to see how it works. Those without internet can still telephone the parish office to book a place. The website will also alert you to how many places there are left etc. Full details in last week’s newsletter.

ROOF ISSUES AT ST PATRICK’S: Those of you who attended Mass on Wednesday at St Patrick’s will know that we now have a major roof leak above the Sacred Heart Chapel and minor leaks elsewhere. The roofer has been and assessed all the flat roofs on St Patrick’s, they are all basically coming to the end of their working life and need replacing. The roofer was unable to do a temporary repair due to the rain and then yesterday due to the wind! So the buckets will remain in place for the time being. This is going to be an expensive repair as that particular roof requires scaffolding access. I will be applying for an emergency grant for church roofs, if I am unsuccessful, then I am afraid we will have to take out another loan as we have absolutely no money or emergency rainy day fund to assist us. This will significantly increase our debt. A huge thank you to Irene who helped to mop up all the water before Mass began!!!

RECENT VIDEOS OF FR ROSS: Chris & Heather Bick along with Anne Davies have recently interviewed me on camera to talk about various topics. If you would like to watch these videos the links are here or can be found on the parish website:

With all this modern technology in mind, I will also be putting in a major grant application to fund our ability to have a more online presence in both Churches so that people can view masses from home from both our Churches. These grant applications are very laborious and run to many pages of intricate detail.

God bless you all

Fr Ross

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