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Lucky the Parish Cat writes...

‘Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God still, and trust in me.’

Fr Ross has been very busy this week dealing with all sorts of pastoral and office related issues, so when I came into the office to roll around on the carpet, he asked if I would write the thought for this week. So for a change you have Lucky the Cat writes.

Since we have entered into lockdown my territory around the presbytery grounds has become much quieter, so I have been out exploring and venturing to places I have never been to before. The cars and people on Portsmouth Road scare me because of the noise and suddenness of their appearance as they whizz past. Now that there are not so many cars or humans out and about I have been sitting out on the front pavement and looking out across to the Cricketer’s Pub which is now empty and closed up, the same with the garage too, and the school I notice has less noisy human children in the playground.

In the mornings when I wake up I can hear the birds singing in the trees above and the air is so much fresher to breath, I feel now like I am a cat on a farm in the countryside. Fr Ross has been digging his own vegetable patch so I guard it from the pigeons who try to eat the young tender plants. Sometimes I get visited from other cats who are exploring the area and who I have never seen before. It is very disconcerting having strangers in the garden and I have no idea how to deal with them. Fr Ross had to come and scare one big cat away as it just sitting there in the garden wanting to intimidate me and I was scared of it because it was twice my size.

During the day I sleep a lot, sometimes I sleep in the garden and other days I sneak into the presbytery when Fr Ross is not looking and go and sleep on the sofa and sometimes in Fr Ross’ chair, when he finds me there he gets very annoyed as I apparently leave hair behind which shows up on his black trousers. I honestly don’t know what all the fuss is about.

When I wake up from my sleeps, I go and pester Fr Ross for some food. Fr Ross is often found in different locations so I have to discover where he. Fr Ross is often talking on the telephone, or to the computer, or to God in Church and sometimes to himself. So he is easy to find as I listen to where his voice is coming from with my very sensitive hearing. I even pester him for food when he is in the Church praying or saying Mass. I am getting better now at working out when Mass is happening so I sit on the carpet and watch, or I roll around during the Eucharistic Prayer or I wander around the chairs. Fr Ross says I am a typical Catholic as I get distracted during Mass; though I have no idea what he is talking about.

This week Fr Ross has been having raised orations with the computer. I heard him very loudly exclaiming one day: “Computer you have almost beaten me this week.” Fr Ross and the computer don’t get on together. The computer never says anything back, but I know the computer likes to annoy and wind Fr Ross up. This was not helped in the week when Calum from the Diocese announced that all Diocesan email accounts are going to be moved to a new email provider, which added to Fr Ross’ work load in the absence of Marion the Parish Secretary. Fr Ross was heard saying in a raised voice to the computer: “Why do they decide to do this when all the secretaries and office staff are on furlough, as if there is not enough to do!” When I hear these loud orations I disappear into the garden for a snooze.

In the evenings after Fr Ross has watered the plants, the friendly hedgehogs come out to see what they can find to eat. They love helping themselves to my food, so I have to eat it quick before they come out and then watch and guard the grounds. On Friday night the lead thieves struck again, only this time at the far end of St Patrick’s Church Hall, I did not hear them so they must have been very quiet, but Fr Ross and myself noticed the mess the left behind in the morning as we did our usual site walk about in the absence of Neil. All that mess for a small piece of lead, so more telephone calls had to be made to the police, insurers and roofers.

With all these things happening as well as the pandemic, which does not seem to be impacting on us cats, I am reminded of this Sunday’s Gospel reading, when Jesus said to his disciples: ‘Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God still, and trust in me.’ And this we must do through prayer, placing everything into Christ’s hands. See I am a Catholic cat after all.

Lucky, the Parish Cat.

9th May 2020

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