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The feeding of the five thousand...

Our Gospel reading for this Sunday is that amazing miracle of the feeding of the five thousand. This miracle was so outstanding and so memorable that an account of it appears in all four Gospels. This miracle had a lasting impact on all those who were there and was remembered for a long time afterwards on account of the number who witnessed it and were fed on the bread and the fish which was multiplied.

This miracle has been watered down in recent times by some and I have heard many a strange sermon/homily on it in the past with such explanations as, well Jesus simply got everyone to sit down and share what they had, or the number five thousand people was an exaggeration, or indeed that the miracle was made up all together by the Early Church. All of this is total rubbish as each explanation denies Jesus his Divinity.

Jesus was able to perform such miracles because He was and is the Incarnate Son of God. Jesus is Divine, Jesus is God’s only Son the second person of the Holy Trinity – so of course He could perform such miracle! We either believe this or we don’t, but the truth remains that Jesus did perform this miracle because He is God.

Jesus still performs miracles today and many fellow Christians around the world will witness to miracles happening in their lives. You may be one of these yourself or have met someone who has experienced a miracle. This is something we must proclaim in the world today as it gives witness into what life is like in the Kingdom of God.

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