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The two churches of St Patrick's, Woolston and Annunciation, Netley serve the east side of

Fr Ross Bullock

Southampton and welcome worshippers of all ages and backgrounds. We lead our congregation in worship, deepening the connection to God, understanding the teachings of Christ, and ultimately to a vibrant faith.

We have a long, proud history of serving the people of Southampton. Through the dedication of our leadership, staff members and volunteers, we are committed to the teachings of Jesus Christ, and are here to spread His message. Contact us today to find out more about becoming part of the our Catholic Church community.

Fr Ross Bullock

Parish Priest & Chaplain to St Patrick's School and St George College

Sunday Mass 

6pm Saturday Vigil Mass

St Patrick’s, Woolston


9am Sunday Mass

Annunciation Church, Netley


11am Sunday Mass

St Patrick’s, Woolston


Jesus of Nazareth

Every Thursday from 7.15pm 

St Patrick's Parish Hall

starting on Thursday 22nd February



Weekday Mass 

Marble Surface

Monday, 26 February 2024

12noon Requiem Mass for Ann Sammit in St Patrick's Church - Woolston
Marble Surface

Tuesday, 27 February 2024

9.30am Netley - Annunciation
Marble Surface

Wednesday, 28 February 2024

9.30am Woolston - St Patrick's
Marble Surface

Thursday, 29 February 2024

9.30am Netley - Annunciation
Marble Surface

Friday, 1 March 2024

Sorry, No Mass today
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Some of our weekend and weekday Masses are now being live streamed (St Patrick's Church only) and are available to watch by clicking on our Facebook page link (you do not need to be a Facebook member to watch the mass).

Live Streaming was made possible by a grant we were awarded by the ALLCHURCHES TRUST:

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